Sunday, November 8, 2009

Investing in Silver

If you guys haven't figured it out yet, I really like silver. Years ago when I was four years of age my grandmother gave me my first real peice of silver back in the 1980's. It was a JFK half dollar from 1964. At the time it was coolest thing being I have ever seen a a half dollar prior. I liked the way it was bigger and heaver then quaters and Susan B Anthony coins. When i got my second JFK half dollar I realized the one from 1964 was heavier then the one from 1976. This started my hobby as a coin collecter.

Silver is awesome because its a good conductor or electricity, its used in computers, a ton of other items and you have to go digging in mines for it. Its a small peice of matter that has been through so much and can do so much. Silver was also been used for centuries with gold as a form of currency and in which our constituion states in article 1 section 10 basically conrgess has the right to coin silver and gold and distribute them as a currency. Years ago in 1971 Nixon took away our right to bring our hard earned dollars or silver certificates to the banks to be redeemed silver. One ounce of silver for ever silver certificate. today its about 17 dollars an ounce. Now we use Fed notes which is backed by nothing. But dont worry when the Fed notes fail completly we will go back to silver and gold, a currency that has been a world currency for thousands of years. Ironically the amero which is supose to replace the the dollar is made out of 999 silver.

Gold I would invest in but being that I am broke, silver is the best way to go for me. Ways to invest in silver would be to collect silver dollars, half dollars, dimes and quarters from before 1964. Buy Silver bars or bullion. Im collecting coins and investing my money in slv which is the silver etf, agq which is silver 2x long and zsl which is silver 2x short. If you think silver is going to go up invest in slv or agq if you think silver to going to go down invest in zsl or short the others. Personally I have been swing trading making money on both the way up and down. When silver declines which is predicted to be next week, thats why i invested in zsl it will be time to purchase more coins. Most coin dealers change their prices according to slv. If slv is low im buying silver!

This is what my char lookes like. The way slv leveled off, the highlighed section where it jumped up a point in a day, the fact it stopped making new highs and was gapped up to that high, makes me feel like the up trend is over for now and it will plummit at least a point, to test that 15.8 line out. Ill keep you guys posted through the week.

Below is a silver certificate, Compare it to the dollar. I like where it says "PAYABLE TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND"

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  1. It also looks like an inverese head and shoulders is forming