Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nationwide End The Fed Rally

Sunday November 22, 2009 from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

33 Liberty Street
New York, New York 10004 Get Directions
With the threat of a watered down version of HR 1207 & S604 looming, it is time to turn up the AUDIT THE FED pressure cooker! This END THE FED rally marks the one year anniversary of the End The Fed! Movement and it is vital that we continue raising awareness of the cause. With the experience of two prior rally's in NYC under our belt, we have learned a few things to make this protest a bit more productive.

We are taking our efforts to the streets in a more organic, grassroots way. No yelling at empty buildings (well, maybe a little) and no speakers preaching to the choir. Our mission is to educate. Our job is to take our passion and knowledge to the people of NYC in order to garner greater support for HR1207 & S604. Our focus is to drive as many people as possible to breathe down the necks of NY's Representatives and Senators so they can do the right thing "By the People." Our method is to speak with and to put as much literature regarding the Fed in the hands of the public en masse in order to create a new wave of citizens impassioned by the true underlying problem at hand. With your help, the congressfolks who have yet to co-sponsor either bill will be forced to feel the economic pain of the people as they make their voices heard to keep the Federal Reserve Transparency Act and the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act in tact, as written.

We will not settle for anything less and there is no compromise. A full, independent audit of the Federal Reserve is absolutely necessary and crucial for American citizen's to understand why their pockets have been looted; why their savings has been diminished as the dollars' value drops; why the incessant boom and bust cycles exist; why we can "afford' endless immoral wars; why the middle class is disappearing; why the same banks who have gotten rich by robbing us blind in the first place then, again, benefit in the form of bailouts at the taxpayers' expense; why the "lender of last resort" is accountable to NO ONE; And, the beat goes on......

This rally will be short, sweet and powerful. We have modified many AUDIT THE FED document files to include the NYCCFL MeetUp address and posted them here in the files section. The links to these files are provided below. Pick and choose which file(s) suits your fancy and print out as many as you can. No one should come empty handed.


12 noon - Meet at the Fed Bank of NY. Here we will spend an hour getting our selves pumped up while we hand out flyers to the passersby.
1pm - March to Union Square. Pass out as much AUDIT THE FED literature as possible along the way.
2pm - Engulf Union Square for an hour or so to pass out literature until your hands have been emptied.
3pm-ish - Part ways to your favorite means to watch football.

There it is. Three short, productive hours. Again, no one should come empty handed. Keeping the AUDIT THE FED bills in tact may be fruitless lest we continue raising awareness and then providing the newly awakened citizen's the necessary tools to accomplish the timely, pertinent goals put forth in HR 1207 & S604.

Your Patriots @ Arms,

PLEASE NOTE: Lots of literature can be downloaded from the NYC CFL meetup group [url=]here[/url]


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