Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gold Bugs

Been busy have not had much time to write sorry. I hope all my readers had a wonderful holiday and hopefully a wonderful new year. My mother bought me a book for christmas, it was "Rich Dad's Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver." I haven't finished this book yet but so far has been one of the most interesting books I have read all year. Not only does this book teach you how to invest in silver and gold, it also teaches you the histroy of silver and gold and why silver and gold should be in everyone portfolio. I have a ton of physical silver at home and after reading the frist 3 chapters of this book, I sent way for some gold. Not alot. When I bought this gold, an oz was just under $1100. With in a year or two the value will certainy increase with inflation and when this war is over forget about it ill make a killing.

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