Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stealing Your Nickle through Water Bottles!

This is a followup to an older post. New York's new water bottle tax is bull shit! When I read about the new water bottle tax, they stated it was more of an incentive to get people to start recycling. They would charge anyone who bought a water bottle an extra five sense and inorder to recieve your five cents back you have to bring it to Stop and Shop or another food store for recycling. I was underthe impression with others that this ment pay an extra five cents at the register and get your five cents back when you recycle it plus you would get the original five cents your are suppose to get back when you recycle. In other words Stop and Shop is suppose to give me two nickles one for tax and one for the bottle. This is bullshit! I ended up paying an extra five cents at the register and five cents back from recycling. Where is my other nickle?

Why Does This Piss Me Off? I'm a hard working american just like all of you and I don't think its right to have a new tax which is suppose to save the environment by stealing our hard earned nickles, Or any other tax that nickle and dimes us over petty stuff. What happens when we have nothing left? The Economy is bad enough as it is so how will stealing our money going to allow us more to spend? (Spending means buying products creating start ups) Do we even know where our money is going? I don't but I do know alot of our money is being spent in this war that no american wants(people voted for Obama who promised to bring the troops home, what happened?) . Our Nobel peace prize wining president just sent a nother 30,000 troops over seas. Maybe this is where our money is going. Or maybe our warmongle president is going to be using it to create bunch of new temp jobs like rebuilding tunnels and bridges as he announced earlier this week. Creating temp jobs is just going to create another recession once the money is spent and the roads and tunnels are rebuilt it doesnt take a genuis to realize this one.

If these scumbag Senators or congressmen get to vote for rising taxes, creating regulations and supporting stimulus plans which is all bad for the economy, then why cant the american people vote to reduce their salaries, kick them out office for breaking promises, lower taxes or remove regulations.

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